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1.Water carrying system for women: In hilly terrains, a roller drum or other such dragging devices would not work. Millions of women have to carry up to six to seven vessels (in a pyramidical form) on their head. There is a pain in the neck. And eventually, in the back also. In NIF innovators have submittted two simple devices for carrying water: one which has a ring on the top to keep the vessel and has two legs resting on the shoulder. The weight gets transferred to the shoulder. The details are available under open source technologies section. Second has two boxes hanging on two parallel bars resting on shoulder with boxes, one in front and one in back. However, both these designs can be further improved. We also got an idea for water jacket but it has not worked as yet to suit women's body. We need to find multiple solutions for at least 15 to 20 litres water to be transported on an uneven terrain for one to three kms. (sometimes, more). If the pressure of the vessel can be used to generate some energy, even better.
2.Paddy pounding often involves a counterpoise or a lever to use wooden hammer in a ditch having paddy grains. The design of this device has not changed much for few thousands years. How to develop a more efficient paddy pounder to separate chaff and grain.
3.A peddle powered thresher helps in thrashing paddy grains from the stalk. There is a considerable scope for improving the technology.
4.The tools of a cobbler who mends leather or rubber shoes / chappals have not changed at least two centuries. Can he have more efficient devices for mending shoes and other such goods using stitching, adhesive or nails.
5.A lo of labourers (about 150 million) who are engaged in rural employment work involving breaking stones or digging earth. They use the most primitive hammer or spade or pick axe. There should be a possibility of either a single or a few people driven devices to reduce drudgery and improve efficiency.
6.Most chairs do not have flexible back rest adjustment. Millions of people sitting on computer face back pain because of lack of appropriate back rest. Why backseat adaptors with bulge at the bottom are available including massagers, low cost flexible back rest inflator have not been designed as yet.
7. Children have to carry heavy bags to school. Even if we reduce the load, they still have carry two to three kgs. Using the frame of the bag, could one design energy generating devices so that either through the body movement (through a dead weight) or through pressure, energy could be generated.
8.There are lot of interesting innovations and ideas that we received for generating energy through the pressure in the shoess. Can a retrofitted device be developed for the purpose.
9.Lot of coolies (labourers) have to carry head load on the stairs, up and down at railway platforms. One of the ideas we published in last issue of Honey Bee was to provide conveyor belts with stoppers on the side of the stairs for transporting suit cases and another devices.
10.NIF have received lot of entries on generating energy through the movement of vehicles on the road either through pressure, turning of turbines or through wind thrust harnessed by micro windmills. Can some one design efficient solutions for these ideas to work in various developing and developed countries?
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