S. No.

Innovation title


Name of innovator

Place of residence

Summary of innovation


Improvement in rice processing machine

Agro and Food Processing

(Late) Shri Bhubaneswar Borthakur


The principle of dehusking is by souring/shearing the husk layers. The machines make use of emery alongwith rubber rolls, which can be fabricated by the miller locally.


109 year old dam

Water management/Irrigation

Padmadutta Balutiya


This check dam is constructed in the form of an arc-shaped canal. Water in the canal helps the dam withstand the force exerted by water from outer side. 


Camel driven bus


Mewa Ram Jangid


This innovation involves a camel driven school bus in which the driver sits on the camel with the reins and two brackets fixed to the saddle of the camel pull are connected to the rear double-decker unit on four wheels. Each camel bus can transport 80 children. It is of great help for transportation in camel belt areas


Patan silk

Four families


Patan saris can survive for 300 years and maintain their color throughout that time. The level of pattern intricacy, complexity and quality are unique to Patan resist-dyeing silk weaving. It has double “Iket” weaving: design on both vertical and horizontal loom threads. This saree could be home washed.


Maintaining and preserving a dying craft- Sasi Pat (date palm leaf writing technique)

Traditional knowledge

Bishnu Ram Handique


The inner bark of the agar or aloe tree (Aquilaria agallocha [= A. sinensis]) locally

known as the sâncî in Assam was used as a

writing material since ancient times.

The innovator is the only person in Assam who still practices this technique.


Buttonhole machine

Utility and General Machinery

Anil Kamdar


This innovation runs on a 0.25 HP, 2880-rpm electric motor. It has

direct drive with no clutch or belts and       c

an produce 120 button holes per minute.


Tea making machine

Utility and General Machinery

Ashok Dhiman


This is a unique, efficient and low cost tea making machine that facilitates the Indian method of making tea of boiling water, adding tea leaves and sugar and then adding milk and boiling followed by filtering and finally dispensing into cups automatically. It has immense potential in homes where people are hard pressed for time.


Double acting reciprocating pump

Water management and irrigation

Budhuba Jadeja


The pump provides supply of water during both up and down strokes of the piston and therefore functions as a double acting pump. It can run on electric power as well as diesel. It can be used for pumping liquids other than water as needed in chemical plants etc to give constant flow.


Motor cycle sprayer

Farm machinery

Ganesh bhai Dodiya


The key highlights of the innovation include- affordable for small farms, less labor required and easy maneuverability. It can be used as universal farming equipment or in road construction where water is sprinkled for a period.


Automatic motor winding machine


Kailash Srivastava

Madhya Pradesh

This innovation can be used for a wide range of winding applications for stators and transformers and in fans, coolers, pumps, grinders and mixers. It is a low cost machine that has a wide scope of diffusion for coil and motor winding which is a cottage industry in rural and urban areas.


Improved manual wood cutting machine


Karuna Kant Nath


This innovation can be used to cut big structural wood into smaller units for furniture, building and other applications. It saves labor, time and cost. It is very useful for areas where electric power is not easily available but wood cutting is necessary.


Garlic peeling machine

Agro and food processing


Tamil Nadu

This innovation relates to a machine to be used in the pickle industries related to peeling of large quantities of garlic without damaging and maintaining the original property of garlic. It has usability in pickle industry as well as other food processing industries.


Milking machine

Farm machinery/implement

Raghav Gowda


This innovation is a refined machine that can milk cows using a set of reciprocating vacuum pumps. Each of the subassembly can be taken apart for cleaning.                                            Wide potential for deployment and use in rural  home.


Trench digging machine

Farm machinery

Radhey Shyam Taylor and Jangid


This innovation can be retrofitted to a modified 35-40HP tractor and can dig a pit 6 feet deep and 14 inches wide while consuming 2.5 liters of diesel per hour and can dig 65 meters in an hour on level ground. It reduces use of human labor needed to do the tedious and energy sapping trench digging operation.


Energy efficient fan blade

Agro and Food Processing

Nipul Bipul Bezbora


The unique fan, made of bamboo is unlike normal fans, which has one set of blades circumferentially on the axis. The innovators have developed this fan into a rice de-husker that is being used as a device to separate rice husk from kernel after milling. It is energy efficient and hence saves energy.


Match stick from natural fibres

Agro and food processing

Uttam Sambhu Patil


The innovator has ingeniously developed matchsticks using natural fibers and sabudana as the binding material. It has diverse applications in packaging, accessories, toys etc. It thus has employment generation capacity especially for women.


Grading and washing machine for dry grapes

Agro and food processing

Ramdas Jagtap


This innovation saves time by blowing away dust, removing twigs and grading grapes by size. It has high usability in grape growing regions of the country.


Dual purpose rice huller

Agro and food processing

A. N. Manoharan

Tamil Nadu

This innovation helps in mixing different spices & edible items in small quantities. The original flavor of the product is maintained due to less heat generated.                                       It has

minimum power requirement due to good assembly and  can be driven manually or on a 0.25  H.P electrical motor.                                                                                     


Amphibious cycle


Mohd. Saidullah


As the name suggests the innovation can be driven on land as well as in water. It can be a viable means of crossing rivers anytime especially where people depend on few boats that are overcrowded. In fun parks it can also be used as a toy cycle for children.


Seed broadcaster and water management for tree plantation

Farm machinery/implement

Premji bhai


This innovation comprises of a mechanical blower that could be mounted on a jeep and helps in broadcasting of seeds.


HMT rice variety

Plant variety

Dadaji Ramaji Khobragade


The innovator developed this rice variety over a period of 5 years by experimenting and cultivating it on his own land. Most of the farmers in the Vidharbha region have started growing as it fetches them a better price and has improved their economic situation.


Rice variety

Plant variety

Indrasan Singh


This plant variety is suitable tarai regions. It is a highy yielding variety with spkies of equal length and has flowers reddish in colour. Breakage during processing is least. The plant is also disease resistant.


Acid lime variety

Plant variety

Anthony Samy

Tamil Nadu

The innovator has used the wild citrus species as rootstock for grafting with an ordinary Edward citrus variety to produce a hardy tree with better tasting fruit. The new variety can survive without water. Number of quality fruits (A-graded fruits) is 90% in new variety. The plants tend towards more horizontal growth, giving a larger surface area to absorb sunlight.The productivity is 4000 fruits per tree per year and under dry land condition the yield of fruits is around 1500-2000 per year.


Lateral recharge of well in virda

Community award


Virda is similar to a conventional well dug up but with a solution to replenish saline water by fresh water. The guiding principle used is to monitor the level of moist soil from where the water begins to ooze out. Once the well is dug, lateral holes are dug at a level of about 0.5m above the bottom of ‘Virda’. These holes work as recharger for the well allowing fresh water from surrounding layers of soil to seep into ‘Virda’.


Light on stick for old people


Gopal Suresh Patil


·This innovation offers an added advantage for old and impaired people. It is lightweight due to PVC pipe.                                                It helps during night walking and also avoids accidents.


Magnetic shock absorber


Kalpita Prakash Patil


This is a model made for the application of magnets absorbing shocks in moving vehicles (automotive and bi-cycle shock absorbers). The innovation is in model stage. It could be considered for bicycle, motorcycle and other vehicles as a shock-absorbing device.


Novel wood screw


Mahabir Choubey

West Bengal

This innovation requires less torque.    The tint portion makes hole in wood and prevents cracking of wood.

It provides better grip due to combination of inclined threads.                                           


Non return valve for four stroke engine


Arvind Janardan Khandke


This innovation makes use of the non-return valve to supply air at the inlet of the carburetor, which helps the air / fuel mixture retains its composition and pressure and prevents air from escaping out of the combustion chamber. It could be used on engines requiring optimum air-fuel mixture for combustion for other applications.


Auto compression sprayer

Farm machinery/implement

Arvindbhai R. Patel


The pumping action required for the compression takes place automatically during the walk. It thus reduces drudgery and monotonous work. Average area being sprayed per unit time can be increased, since both the hands are free   to spray.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Device for remote firing of crackers


Balaram Singh Saini


This innovation is a device for safe bursting of firecrackers from a distance which uses a TV remote to trigger the electronic circuit received by the IR sensors and on to an electronic switching relay which turns on and connects the heater to the power supply unit (12V DC) to light the firecracker. It is a safety-based unit with wide potential.


L-Drop door anti-locking device

Utility and general machinery

Gobind Chandra Gogoi


The current innovation is an anti-locking device to prevent unauthorized locking of the door from outside when a person is already present inside the room and vice-versa. The device has a very high diffusion potential as a device that can be fitted in home doors.


Low cost film projector


Hori Lal Vishwakarma


This innovation has alternative options to achieve the subsystem functions. It is very convenient to spread knowledge by using this low cost rural projector.


Stove cum water heater


Jyoti Ravi Shankar


This innovation captures the wasted radiated heat in a wood fired stove to simultaneously cook as well as heat water in a tall drum to a temperature of 80 degrees. The entire unit is portable. Catering companies to cook food and heat large quantity of water for huge gatherings can use it.


Multi purpose bicycle




This bicycle is lighter by 25% in weight when compared to normal bicycles and it can be used as umbrella has tail lamp indicators, mileage counter, rear view mirror, horns and powerful bigger headlights. This unit can be a mobile workstation that can generate revenue for users who go from village to village offering services such as sharpening of blades by grinding, drilling, motor winding, sawing etc.


Bicycle sprayer

Farm machinery/implement

Mansukh bhai Jagani


This innovation has the potential to revolutionize the way farmers spray disinfectants because it helps them to reduce cost, time and drudgery because of its design, maneuverability and ease of use. 


Small 5.5 HP tractor (Multipurpose motorized sprayer)


Mulu Bhai Senjaliya


This innovation is a compact contraption which uses the stationary 4.5 HP tractor engine with the 4 speed and reverse gearbox and transmission of a Matador-307. It can be used for small farming, as a garden tractor and local farm transport etc.


Bicycle operated pump

Water management/irrigation

Vikram Rathore

Andhra Pradesh

This pedal driven pump comprises of the belt-pulley, bicycle, flywheel, rim and 5 H.P centrifugal pump

Unit. Fabrication cost is Rs. 3000/.                                     It is independent of power supply (electric/diesel). It can be used in places where there is no electric supply.


Improved kerosene stove


Niranjan Prasad Sharma

Uttar Pradesh

This stove consumes 25% less kerosene than conventional stoves and has a host of features to address the issues of smoke, soot and sound. It consumes less fossil fuel, reduces soot deposition, smoke hazard and sound pollution.


Zero head turbine


Nripen Kalita


The innovator has developed a water turbine with innovative blade configuration and system design to harness the energy from flowing river current to pump water. It is portable and requires no electricity for its operation. It is mainly useful for rural areas. 


Septic tank baffle system

Utility and general machinery

Rajesh, T.R.


The innovator has developed an ingenious accessory that considerably reduces the size and cost of the septic tank while preventing sludge and excreta from flowing out. It has great environmental significance in terms of waste management.


An improved pumpless stove with kerosene heating


Sameerul Hasan Liaquati

Uttar Pradesh

The innovation comprises of a modified stove that does not require pumping and has a few novel features to achieve efficacy with minimum carbonaceous deposits in the burner for cleaning. Involving less time and efforts, makes it very useful for use by women and children.


Pumpless stove


Sarfuddin A. Kazi


The key highlights of the innovation include- smokeless, no soot deposit on the cooking vessel and heats kerosene to gaseous form to be fed into the burner which functions as the fuel. It can be used in laboratories where continuous flame is required for a long time.


Jabbar gear cycle


Sheikh Jabbar


The principle employed in the gear-system developed by Jabbarbhai is similar to double sprocket system, where two free wheels are used. It makes easier the task of cycle rickshaw pulling.


Tile making machine


Sukhranjan Mistry


This is a simple innovative, ergonomic and efficient mechanical device for making tiles by sitting down and pedaling the unit with facility for constantly agitating the tile-mixture by suitable mechanisms to remove the air-bubbles. It helps in agitation of various liquids and semi-solid entities in chemical and food processing industries.


Bicycle based mobile spray pump

Farm machinery

Subhas Vasantrao Jagtap


This innovation is a mobile pesticide spray unit that can be held by the handle bar and pushed forward on three wheels and the motion can be used to drive a pump that powers the spray nozzles. It may be used in gardening with an attachment of the grass cutter, so it will perform dual functions and will be easier to operate for the gardeners.


Keyway making device


Vijay Shantaram Ghodke

The fixture can be used to make the key-slots within precise tolerances and at faster rate. The device is particularly important for low scale workshop owners who can’t afford costly milling and shaping machine.


Auto engine stopper


Tukaram Verma


This innovation is an economical device that auto-cuts off the engine within 25-30 seconds in the neutral mode and is linked to various gear positions with a status indicator display. It leads to fuel saving and reduction in pollution at traffic intersections.


Reciprocating Hydraulic Prime Mover

Water management and irrigation

Naushad K T


The innovator has developed an ingenious hydraulic prime mover that can be installed in a supply reservoir of water and uses the principle of buoyancy of a floating object and gravity to generate constant reciprocating action that powers pumping of water to a desired height without using any other energy source. It can be converted to mini power generating plant. It is also a non-polluting water lifting device.


Water tank for animals channeled with hand pump

Water management and irrigation

Swayambhu Sharma


The innovation provides for continuous supply of clean tube-well water to fill a cement tank built exclusively for the animals. It is of tremendous use to villagers in animal rearing.


Low cost environment friendly crematorium


Kambel Chulai


This low cost environmentally friendly crematorium is a boon to the crematory practice of his people as it has eliminated the resources required in the process by more than 80%. Cremation time has been reduced to less than 1 ˝ hours as against 8-9 hours in the old traditional crematory method. Smoke and fume emitted during cremation has been reduced by 90%.


Specially designed silk rearing worm tray

Utility and General Machinery

S.M. Mangali


This innovation has optimized size, material, weight and arrangement of silk rearing trays.             It has an increased cocoon capacity.                                                                       Also, it is low cost and low weight.                                                                   It has double silkworm rearing capacity. It reduces labour  disinfection for trays is easy.


Dual purpose sickle

Farm Implement

Kishorbhai Bhardwa


By way of certain provisions this innovation does away with repetitive sharpening of the blade that makes it thin and one has to discard the sickle. It can be used for weeding / inter-culturing / harvesting.


Incense stick making machine


Usman Shekhani

Madhya Pradesh

This is a specialized bamboo cutter that used for cutting bamboo into small pieces for preparing incandescent sticks (Agarbattis). Its application can be integrated to cut wood and soft material. Its other application may be in ice-cream in factory to make stick for ice cream


Water lifting vane pump

Consolation award

Imli Toshi


This innovation is a natural water flow driven vane pump comprising of axial screw pump, impeller and outlet. Its capacity is 1.5 liter/sec (LPS) at 1-meter head, when speed of flow is 1 meter/sec. Cost of local fabrication is low (Rs. 500/-.) No electricity or fuel power consumption is required unlike other pumps. It can be used for low scale irrigation purpose. Also, it is suitable for hilly region, where high water velocity can be obtained.


Small efficient Diesel Engine


Mansukhbhai Sanchaniya Suthar


The innovator has developed a unique, lightweight and compact 3.5 HP, single cylinder, 4 stroke diesel engine with many significant facets- compact size, 2/3d the size of conventional machine, fitted to bikes and other units easily. It is an affordable, compact, mobile, powerful and lightweight diesel engine that can be used to run many applications.


Bicycle operated horse shaver


Md. Idris

Meerut, UP

This innovation is a bicycle-powered unit in which the power of the bicycle rotary drive is converted via speed cable to the cutting blade to cut the hair of a horse. It requires no electric power for its operation. It also retains the basic function of a bicycle.


Ground Nut digging machine

Farm implement

Yusuf khan


The sturdy desert unit is based on the rugged SHAKTIMAN rear powered by the coupler from the tractor unit and has an elaborate system of crankshafts, flywheel, connecting linkages, rotating vanes on a shaft that dig the soil and groundnut, and deposit them on the storage unit. The unit consumes 4 liters of diesel per hour and completes ˝ acres per day whereas 100 manpower costs Rs. 8000/- for ˝ acres in manual method.



Innovaion by/for handicapped

Dhanji bhai Laljibhai Kerai


This innovation is a modification of the scooter from a two-wheel drive to a four-wheel stable unit so that he can ride it comfortably. Two additional wheels are fitted at the rear side and the front seat is extended and modified for him to reach the handle bars.


Seed cum fertilizer drill

Farm machinery

Ramesh Gurjar

Madhya Pradesh

This innovation can be used for ploughing, inter-cropping, seed drill cum fertilizer dispersant and can also be used for leveling the land and weeding purpose. It is useful for people with physical disability.


Modified stick for blind


Sanket Prashant


It provides alarm to detect theft of the stick, senses moisture and detects manholes.                                                                                               Blind can sense obstacles in all directions at a time.                                    FM transmitter and receiver make the device wireless.


Water kerosene stove


Vyasji Misra

Madhya Pradesh

This innovation is a hybrid stove which is powered by kerosene as well as hydrogen gas. Reduction in consumption of kerosene is an important feature of the innovation. It has usability in laboratories, glass and toy factories and small scale establishments.


Washing cum exercise machine


Remya Jose


·This simplified unit comprises of box, shaft, pedal, meshing cage and inlet-outlet port used for washing as well as exercising purposes. Its washing capacity is 3 kg per washing round. It saves electric power The device is independent of electric/ fuel power source. Also. It has a lower maintenance and running cost.


Use of medicinal plants as mosquito repellent


Leena Talukdar


The innovation comprises of coils produced from Flemigia Strobillfera plant, local name Makhioty, and is very effective in repelling mosquitoes and is also comparable to the repellents that are currently sold in the market. It has an added bonus of being purely herbal with no toxic side effects. 


Technique to transmit music through electric circuits


Champak and Trilokya Bora


It helps in transmission of audio signal to any part of a house using neutral wire and adopter. Cost of the adapter is only Rs.15

It can be used to transmit telephone signals through the same wiring system.


Bicycle pedal operated portable water pump

Water management/irrigation

Nasiruddin Gayen

West Bengal

This innovation is a unique hand pump that, unlike conventional hand pumps, not only delivers water continuously but also requires lesser effort for operation due to use of a bicycle pedaling operation and is portable and can be installed on site. Thus, it saves time, electricity, and efforts and causes no pollution.