We are a strong and growing community of organizations and individuals dedicated to a common goal of making India the hub of innovations. The HoneyBee database of 10,000 innovations, collected and documented by SRISTI, would be part of the National Register of Innovations to be managed and supported by NIF.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring out the innovative face of India residing in grass root communities by providing a one-stop platform for technology incubation, IPR , financial and marketing support. We aim at improving the quality of life of grass root innovators and common man by successful commercialization of grass root innovations, while safeguarding their intellectual property rights.


In pursuing our mission, we will abide by ‘‘Six Es ’’: Ethics, Excellence, Efficiency, Equity, Environment and Education.

Ethics: We will follow the best business practices honestly, show respect for the rights of all Individuals and organizations, maintain confidentiality of our stakeholders in the value chain and pursue fair financial reporting.

Excellence: We will apply world class practices, implement innovative thinking and learn how to use difference practices and improvement tools to achieve the best results. We will continuously analyze our own imperfections and will be dedicated to continuous improvement.

Efficiency: We aim at reducing transaction cost for all the stakeholders and business processes in the value chain by efficient use of human and material resources available to us.

Equity: We will strive to ensure parity of reward for all individuals involved in the value chain, who will have the opportunity to choose their field of endeavor and utilize their abilities and talents for personal fulfillment regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, income level or physical handicap.

Environment: Humankind’s relationship with Nature has degraded to the level of the environmental crisis we face today. Our portal is strongly committed to support only those technological innovations that are environmentally sustainable.

Education: We aim at educating the society about the benefits that will accrue from commercialization of the grassroot Innovation and thereby harnessing their support as a strategic stakeholder in the value chain.

Strategic vision

To develop a community of stakeholders in the entire value chain of developing an innovation from grass root level to a commercially viable business, who are bound together by common human values. 

To be the leading site for marketing numerous innovative ideas and products residing in grass root communities. 

To actively scout for new opportunities through out the world, where these grass root innovations can be applied.